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Wooden Heart to Fall in Love With

What do you give someone who already has everything? Something homemade, of course! This wooden heart is something for romantics who like to toast a glass of champagne with their loved one. That will definitely make you happy!

Rustic romantics will certainly have a faster heartbeat with this project: The wooden heart with a holder for a champagne bottle and two champagne glasses is relatively simple and can also be implemented by beginners and is perfect for Valentine’s, Mother’s or other anniversaries. With the final treatment, you can still adapt the heart to your personal taste.

Material and tool list

  • Spruce glued wood board: 50 x 50 cm x 21 mm
  • Wooden strip
  • Wood screws
  • Screw jar
  • Wood glue
  • Steel wool and vinegar for the final treatment (prepare two days in advance if necessary)
  • Templates for hearts and brackets
  • Jigsaw
  • Cordless drill
  • Grinder and abrasives
  • Forstner bits 15 and 40 mm in diameter
  • Hole saw 85 mm diameter
  • Wood drill
  • Sinker
  • Spring clamps
  • Protective work equipment, especially gloves
  • brush

Draw the heart

Download, print and cut out the template. Then transfer the heart shape onto the wooden plate.

Cut out heart

Now you can cut out the heart. Here you can work with a jigsaw or alternatively with a jigsaw table. It is important to use a curved saw blade!

Then break the edges and sand the surface smooth.

Prepare the wall mounting

Two short bars with spacers are required for the back: While the upper bar is there to hang the heart on the wall using angle hooks, the shorter lower bar ensures that the solid heart hangs straight.

The small spacers are glued flush to the ends and secured with clamps to dry.

Saw out brackets

You can use the remaining pieces of the spruce glued wood panel to build the holders for the champagne bottle and glasses with the help of additional templates. First of all, print out the appropriate templates, cut them out and mark the outlines on the wood. The two holes in the holder for the champagne glasses are drilled with a 15 mm Forstner bit. Then saw out and grind the entire glass holder.

Two components are required to hold the bottle. The smaller part will later take up the neck. Here the hole is drilled with a 45 mm Forstner bit. It is best to use an 85 mm hole saw to round the belly of the bottle in the larger element.

Alternatively, you can cut out the hole with the jigsaw and a curved saw blade. To use the saw blade, you then have to pre-drill a small hole with a drill. Then saw out and sand the entire outline of the holder.

Screw the brackets together

Now the mounting elements and the wall mounting are screwed from the rear. Before doing this, you should mark the respective position. Make sure to keep enough distance to the edge of the wood, otherwise it can splinter. Pre-drill the holes with a 3 mm bit. Then countersink so that the screw head is flush with the surface.

Final treatment

To create a vintage look, you can treat the heart with a vinegar stain. For this you put steel wool in a jar with vinegar and let the whole thing “draw” for 48 hours. Then take the steel wool out of the liquid and paint the heart with the stain. Always wear gloves! Then dry either in the sun or with a hairdryer (faster).

Since the vinegar smells quite intense, it’s best to paint outside or in a well-ventilated place.