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Store Jewelry Tidily

Anyone who owns several pairs of earrings will like to bring some order to their collection. Because this is how couples stay beautifully together and your treasures really come into their own! These are clearly stowed away in the morning and quickly stowed away in the evening.

This really is a five-minute fix project when you have it all! No time-consuming tools, just an old picture frame and some expanded metal (fine rabbit wire will do as well if necessary). The result is simple, but it makes a difference!


  • Old wooden picture frame, no matter the size
  • Expanded metal or wire in the appropriate size
  • Staples and staples
  • scissors
  • Folding rule, ruler, pencil, etc.

Remove the glass and back panel

Remove the back panel and glass, if left, from the frame. But don’t throw it away yet!

Mark the dimension

Use the back wall, for example, to easily transfer the required dimensions onto the metal.

Cut the metal mesh

Now you can cut the wire with a (possibly old) household scissors. Pay attention to pointed ends!

Staple the wire

Place the piece of wire mesh from the inside into the wooden frame and carefully staple it to the edge. Select the length of the staples so that they are not visible in front!

Now just turn around and the jewelry wardrobe for your earrings is ready! Depending on the frame and purpose, you can now hang it on the wall or simply lean it against it.

Tip: Depending on the color, you can simply cover chipped areas with some nail polish.