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Sparkling Crystal Lamp

Finding the right lamp is not always easy. That’s why you can easily build your dream lamp yourself – for example a crystal lamp.

The crystal lamp provides a warm and friendly light above the dining table even in the dark days of the year and also fits wonderfully into the pre-Christmas period! To build the lamp, you need a 90 cm long chrome round tube with a diameter of 4 cm, LED lamps and glass crystals.

Mark and drill

Draw two opposite lines on the round tube, one for the four LEDs and the other for the glass crystals. Use the handy Dremel 8200 universal tool and a 1.6 mm drill to pre-drill the LEDs and enlarge the holes with an 8 mm drill. On the opposite line for the crystals, 1.6 mm holes are also drilled in the chrome handrail at regular intervals, 20 in number. If desired, additional holes for crystal suspensions can be made.

Drilling and soldering

Two more drill holes are required for the suspension. These are drilled on the top of the handrail, two inches from the end of the bar. The holes must be large enough to allow the wire suspension for the luminaire to pass through. According to the circuit diagram that is enclosed with the LEDs, you make the wiring, which finally disappears in the handrail. Cables are drawn into the pre-drilled holes and soldered to the four LEDs. The lamp draws its electricity from four AA size batteries, which are controlled by an on / off switch. Finally, the wire rope is pulled through for suspension and the crystals are inserted.