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Send Vase in Five Minutes

From empty wine bottles and scraps of fabric, you can quickly create a decorative vase or a nice gift box for a fine wine.

Small gifts, for example on Mother’s Day, Christmas or other occasions, are always well received. Such gifts don’t have to be expensive either. All you need here is a nice piece of cloth for a so-called cover, so to speak a cloth throw, and if necessary an empty glass bottle.

Make a test piece

First make a paper template according to the width and height of your bottle and sew a test sleeve. When this is what you want, draw the outline on the back of the fabric and cut out the shape twice. The fabric should not be too tight, but also not too limp.

Pin the fabric

When you have cut the front and back of the cover, carefully lay both parts on top of each other (right sides facing, so the “beautiful” fabric sides look at each other) and pin the fabric at the edge with needles so that it cannot slip.

Decorate vases

Then sew the cover together with a seam allowance of approx. 1 cm, turn it and then put it over the bottle. Now you can fill the empty bottles with flowers and place them as a colorful arrangement on the sideboard or on the dining table. Of course, the covers are also suitable as gift packaging for a fine drop.

Gift packaging for wine bottles

An alternative is the coating of champagne or wine bottles. Cut the selected fabric with a seam allowance of one centimeter and sew around the sides. Alternatively, and quickly, you can cut the edges with pinking scissors. Then the fabric won’t fray so quickly. Velcro is used as a “fastener”. Then you can decorate the bottles. For example, we cut out hearts out of red felt, strung them on a ribbon and wrapped them around the bottle. Looks good, right?