Holiday DIY

Rotating Christmas Tree with Wooden Slats

Decorate your home this Christmas in a unique and original way with this rotating tree made of wood. You can put it above the fireplace, on a side table … or wherever you want.



  •  Spade bit
  •  Pencil
  •  Pallet
  •  Rule
  •  keyhole saw
  •  Sandpaper block
  •  Drill


  •  White glue
  •  Circular wooden slat
  •  Rectangular wooden slats
  •  Metallic paint
  •  Thick wooden block


1. Measure and cut the center rod

This miniature Christmas tree is made up of a wooden block as a base, a circular strip for the central structure and a lot of rectangular pieces of different sizes that, strung in order on the central strip, rotate on it and give shape to the tree.

Start by creating the central structure. Decide its length based on the number of pieces you want your tree to have and their thickness. With the help of a ruler, mark the measurement of the piece on a circular strip and cut with a jigsaw.

2. Create the base of the tree

To create the base of the tree, mark its measurement on a square wooden dowel. Next, find a spade bit the same diameter as the circular cleat and poke a hole in the center. Cut it out with a jigsaw.

3. Mark the tree parts

It is time to mark the pieces that, like branches, will shape the Christmas tree. With a hole in the middle and inserted into the circular strip, they will rotate around it.

Create several levels of branches, with a couple of pieces per level, going down. The largest branches should go down and the smaller ones up. Between level and level, small square pieces will serve as a separation.

In our case, we have made 8 levels of branches, with two pieces per level, and 10 separating pieces. The branches are 18 cm, 16 cm, 14 cm, 10 cm, 8 cm, 6 cm and 4 cm . On the other hand, we have created 10 square spacer pieces of 2.7 x 2.7 cm each.

Mark all the pieces on rectangular wooden slats with the help of a ruler and a pencil.

4. Drill holes to string the pieces

Before cutting the pieces, make a hole in the center of each one. To do this, use a drill and a bit the same width as your cylindrical slat, as you did with the wooden base.

5. Cut the pieces

Take your jigsaw and cut out all the pieces that will make up your spinning tree. Don’t forget to sand each one until the edges are completely smooth.

And you already have all the pieces that will make up your tree!

6. Glue the rod to the base

It’s time to start shaping this miniature Christmas tree. To do this, glue the central strip to the wooden base, applying a little white glue to the hole and fitting it. When you have it, let it dry.

Turn to decorate all the pieces. To give it a Christmas touch, we have used a copper-colored Liberon metallic effect paint and a satin touch. It is also multi-surface: it can be easily applied on wood, melamine or metal, and is highly resistant to stains and impacts. How about?

We have painted all the pieces in this metallic color, but there are a lot of cool options. You could, for example, paint the edges of the pieces in one color and the top of another complementary or go for a more traditional decoration, painting the branches green. It’s up to you!

8. Assemble the rotating Christmas tree

Time to mount the tree! When the pieces are dry, thread them in order on the wooden rod. Start by placing three pieces of separation and then put the first level of branches, the largest. Put back a parting piece and then the second level of branches. So on.

When you have placed the last level of branches, the smallest, finish with a separating piece and apply a point of white glue to secure the structure.

And ready! You already have your complete rotating tree. What do you think about the idea? It seems very original and different to us, ideal for your home to stand out this Christmas!