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Romantic Glass Lantern

We have another new do-it-yourself idea with glass bottles : a romantic glass lantern. This week’s romantic lantern is like a combination of these. Also suitable as a last minute gift and certainly as a wedding decoration. It’s quick, easy, very cheap and we also recycle old glass: WOW. Let’s get started:

What you need:

  • Old, plain, smooth can jars such as pea, carrot, red cabbage jars, mason jars, jam jars etc.
  • White spray paint (matt)
  • Adhesive tape (or adhesive roller)
  • A piece of wide lace ribbon (lace border)


1. First you soak the glasses for a few hours in warm water with washing-up liquid and remove the labels. Then dry the glasses well.

2. Now you wrap the lace tape as tightly as you can around the glass and stick it with the tape. It is best to use very small pieces of tape and try to use as little as possible. I used too much the first time and then sprayed the large area of ​​the tape again extra white. I had also tried spray glue before, but it detached the lace tape during the spraying.

3. Now you can spray the glass with the white paint. You just have to be careful that the entire lantern is sprayed. If necessary, spray a second coat after half an hour to an hour. Dries surprisingly quickly.

4. Carefully pull off the lace ribbon. Done, Tadaaa.

Now you really have a beautiful, atmospheric, decorative, romantic lantern that looks great during the day, but really comes into its own in the dark with a tealight.

And the best thing is, we can now use the lace ribbon again for more glasses and we have also recycled a few old glasses again.

Happy tinkering and spraying,