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Making a Jewelry Stand from Wood

Making a Jewelry Stand from Wood

Are you looking for a place to store jewelry? Give your jewelry a place of honor with this jewelry stand made of wood! You collect your most beautiful items on a jewelry stand. And an advantage is that you can immediately find them every day! When working out the design of this wooden jewelry stand, I discovered that copper tubes could easily be replaced by wooden beams. This time I therefore started working with a combination of brass connectors and wood. A super nice combination! Why would you still store jewelry, when you can hang it on this beautiful DIY jewelry stand?


Materials (5)

  • Round bar 18 mm
  • Brass coupling
  • Piece of wood (type of your choice)
  • Base plate (coupling piece)
  • Washi tape

Tools (1)

Determine the shape

Think of a shape for the stand and cut it out. Then determine the center of the shape and attach the base plate here.

Saw the slats

Then cut the slats to size. Depending on the length of your jewelry, you can determine how long the slats should be. I used 4 slats of 9 cm and 1 of 11 cm.

Slide the slats into the connectors

Then the slats can now be slid into the connecting pieces. By forming an edge at the ends of the slats with washi tape in step 3, the slats will remain firmly in the connecting pieces without having to use glue.

Attach the rack

Finally, put the rack on the bottom part and find a nice place for this DIY jewelry stand!