Garden DIY

Making a Garden Flower Wreath

In July the garden is in full bloom! Roses, lavender, herbs and countless other colorful flowers can now be found in the garden. Instead of a bouquet of flowers, which I usually like to do, a wreath of flowers is tied this time! For this I use plants that can be easily dried. So I can still enjoy it in winter and also have a wonderful memory of summer!

Materials for the floral wreath

  • Wreath blanks made of straw (can be found in the craft store). I chose a small size because I prefer to make several small wreaths. These are also nice gifts for friends!
  • Craft wire
  • Secateurs
  • Flowers: roses, lavender, dill, ears of wheat, poppy seed and virgin seed heads in the green, lemon thyme, feverfew

The wreath grows bundle by bundle

After I’ve cut the flowers in the garden, I put them in small bundles on the table, sorted by type. You need a lot of material to make the wreath nice and lush. When dry, it loses some of its mass and shrinks a little. Therefore you can tie it a little thicker. First you put a tuft on the wreath. Hold it with your left hand and wrap the wire around it twice with your right hand. You can tighten the wire really tight. It should be taut while tying and not sag slack. Try to get by with little wire. Otherwise you end up with a wire wreath instead of a flower wreath!

If you are left-handed, the way of working is exactly the opposite. I no longer put the wreath out of my left hand. It’s not that easy, especially at the beginning. The more often you tie a wreath of flowers, the easier this technique will be for you.

At the end of one clump comes the beginning of the next bouquet. If hard stems protrude or are very long, cut them off beforehand. Since I want to hang the wreath on the wall later, I save material by only decorating the front with flowers. When you have reached the end, the wire is cut off and put into the straw wreath.