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Make Your Own Bird Bath

The summer is hotter than it has been for a long time and not only we gardeners long for a cooling off. Birds and insects are also grateful for a few fresh drinks. Therefore I made this bird bath out of a coaster and mosaic stones. There is not only drinking, but also extensive bathing – a wonderful spectacle! I’ll show you how you can make a bird bath yourself!

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Material for the bird bath

Make your own bird bath – let’s go

Step 1

First, think about the pattern in which you want to attach the mosaic stones. To do this, put the stones on trial until you are sure which pattern it should be. Then apply the mosaic adhesive over the entire surface and press the stones into it.

My tip: It is better to apply the adhesive over the entire surface instead of moistening each stone individually.

Step 2

Once all the mosaic stones are in place, you have to wait until the glue has dried and no more stones can slip. It’ll take a couple of hours. Then stir the grout and use a baking brush to spread it over the entire surface of the saucer. The mosaic stones are also covered.

Step 3

After the grout has dried, use a damp cloth to expose the mosaic stones again. The hand brush can also help here if necessary. But work with it carefully.

Before the bird bath can be filled with water, the bowl has to dry for about 2 days.

As a special eye-catcher, I added small play mosaic stones to the edge of the bird bath. They sparkle so beautifully in the sunlight.

When setting up the bird bath, it is important to choose a protected location so that the birds feel safe and the cat does not lurk in front of the bird bath. A few twigs or branches also help to land better and to get on and off safely.