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Make a Sturdy Lamp from Copper Pipes

Make a Sturdy Lamp from Copper Pipes

How nice is it to illuminate the room with a lamp that you have made yourself? With this simple DIY step-by-step plan, you can make a sturdy lamp from copper tubes yourself. You can make this DIY project even easier by buying a ready-made cord with plug.

You can of course decide for yourself which type of light source you use. In this example, we have chosen a filament lamp that, in combination with the copper tubes, creates a tough look. This copper lamp also fits very nicely in an interior with warm, gray tones.

Determine the height

First, determine the height of your lamp and the length of the ‘arm’. By this we mean the short piece that will be transverse to the long tube. Cut the pieces to size (or use a pipe cutter for convenience). Then pull the cord through the long tube, the first elbow, the arm and last through the second elbow.

Attach cord and power wires

If you’re using a socket sleeve, pull it over the cord now. Then pull the cord through the top part of the fitting and attach the power wires to the plate. First, carefully remove the layer of blue and brown from the wire with stripping pliers so that the copper wire becomes visible. Now unscrew the power cord slightly and loosen the lamp holder. Pull the stripped cable through here and attach the two wire ends in the holes. Secure the wire end by tightening the two small screws firmly. Make sure that the wire end does not protrude on the other side!

Place the picture

Then place the plate in the top part of the fitting and tighten the bottom part.

Link the elements

Now gently pull on the cord so that you can connect all elements together by means of the knee pads.

Thread the filament bulb into the socket

Finally, screw the filament lamp into the fitting and your cool copper tube lamp is ready! You can now attach it to the wall with the help of wall plates. Make sure to use the correct mounting hardware for your wall.