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Make a Planter on Legs

Make a Planter on Legs

Making a planter on legs is easier than you think! All you need are legs, a woven basket and tie wraps. Planters come in all colors and sizes, but it is of course even more fun to make your own variant! You can make a planter on legs in three simple steps. 1, 2, 3, success!

Gather the supplies

  • Braided basket
  • 4x legs
  • Tie wraps

Choose a woven basket that suits your interior and where the plant also fits!

Determine the location of the legs

Turn the basket upside down and determine where you want to attach the legs.

Attach the legs

Secure the legs with tie wraps by carefully inserting them through the reed and attaching them to the three holes on the leg.

Find a beautiful plant!

Okay, a fourth step. But that’s the best! Finally, find a nice plant for the basket and your planter on legs is ready.

Planter on legs

You see? It is that simple to make a planter on legs. Is that beautiful plant just a bit higher. And this planter on legs is of course also very beautiful in the interior! You can decide for yourself which braided basket you want to use.