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Make a Dog Lamp

Make a Dog Lamp

This dog lamp is perfect for a cool nursery! In a few steps you can go from loose strips and a tin can to a cool dog lamp. And the nice thing is: you can place the legs, head and tail in one position yourself. So you decide whether you let the dog sit or stand in the light! In this article we explain step by step how you can make a lamp in the shape of a dog yourself.

Determine the dimensions

You decide how big or small the lamp will be. Here we chose the following dimensions: Body 2x 25cm – Legs and neck 5x 20cm – tail 1x 10cm. You can cut this to size yourself with a handsaw.

Drill a hole at both ends

To assemble the lamp, use a threaded rod that you secure with a wing nut . Drill a hole at both ends of all slats (with the exception of the tail and neck, these will only have a hole on 1 side). Take the width of your threaded rod into account. Do not drill too big to prevent the threaded rod from getting free play and therefore not holding the bars together.Handy tip! 

Check here set the roadmap for the fitting together of you!

Assemble the dog

When all the holes have been drilled and you have cut the wire end to size with a hacksaw, you can start assembling the dog’s body. Adhere to the following order: leg, body, neck, body, leg. Repeat this on the back, but then the neck is of course the tail.

Make the head

Then we come now to the head. For this I used a tin can. Make a hole in this for the end of the neck. You also make an entrance for the lamp at the back of the tin can. First mark the fitting on the back and carefully cut it out.

And then the ears!

The dog lamp is of course not complete without ears! For this I worked with leather elbow patches (available at the fabric store). To attach the ears, drill two small holes on either side of the tin can and in the leather. Then secure them with a cotter pin .

Materials (6)


  • Wooden plank
  • Threaded end 2x
  • Wing nut 4x
  • Leather elbow patches 2x (available at fabric store)
  • Cotter pin 2x
  • tin can

Tools (1)