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Make a Cool Lamp in a Glass Jar

Make a Cool Lamp in a Glass Jar

Have you dived into the pantry and accidentally have such a ‘nice retro’ glass jar left? Then turn it into a cool lamp. This glass jar with lamp is fun for the nursery, but can of course be used anywhere in the house!

Gather the materials

To make this lamp you need a glass jar, iron cord, a socket, a bulb and a plug. Are you very enthusiastic about stripping cables? Then place a switch for more convenience.

Materials (6)

  • Fitting with strain relief
  • Power plug
  • Glass jar (big enough)
  • Switch (optional)
  • Light (possibly retro look)
  • Iron cord

Tools (3)

  • Screwdriver
  • Stripping pliers
  • Power drill

Make a hole in the lid with a drill

This is relatively easy. Make sure the hole is small enough so that the strain relief does not fall through the hole.

Attach the fitting

Pull the cord through the strain relief with the threads facing down and place the top part of the fitting on the cord before tightening the wires. Plug the blue wire into one terminal on the contact plate and the brown wire into the other terminal. Tighten the screws so that they make contact with the copper. Then tighten the strain relief to the fitting.

Screw on the lamp

After attaching the wires to the top part of the socket, tighten the bottom part and screw on the bulb.

Attach the electrical wires

Attaching the electrical wires to the plug may seem difficult, but it is not. Turn up the screws on the inside of the plug, insert the stripped cables into both openings and screw them on. It doesn’t matter what color of thread you start with. Once you’ve attached the wires, put the cap back on the plug and screw it on.

Et voilà; the lamp is ready

Complete the look with gold-colored accessories. You can of course also spray certain accessories gold yourself with spray paint.