Garden DIY

Make a Christmas Garland from Dried Fruits

Right now before Christmas, a garland made of natural materials conjures up a feeling of well-being in the house and is also great fun! The scent of fresh oranges, cinnamon, cookies and fir branches turn your apartment into a cozy Christmas oasis in no time. No sooner said than done, because with this DIY we are well on the way to it!

For the Christmas garland you need:

  • Apples
  • Oranges
  • Knife
  • Scissors
  • Oven grate
  • Fabric ribbon
  • Decorative cord
  • Small pine cones
  • Straw stars

Step 1

Cut the oranges and apples into 2-3 mm thin slices. Place these on an oven rack and let them dry over the heater or in the oven at a low temperature. Turn around in between.

Step 2

Carefully poke a hole in the middle of the dried fruit. The easiest way to do this is with a knife or a thick needle. Then thread the fabric ribbon through it. The straw stars, pine cones and balls also want to be on the garland. So that it looks nice and relaxed later, you thread one part on the jute cord and the other is pulled directly onto the fabric tape.

My tip: Make sure that there is plenty of variety: always place fruits, nuts, mini Christmas baubles, straw stars and pine cones in the same proportion to each other. Slide everything apart slightly so that it looks nice and loose. The garland looks particularly pretty when it is hung up together with fresh fir branches. Happy pre-Christmas handicrafts dear ones!

The Christmas girls are also doing really well outdoors, in a place protected from wind and weather, like here on a covered pile of wood!