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Magnetic Soap Holder

Magnetic Soap Holder

In order to produce less waste, (plastic) packaging should be avoided if possible. For example, instead of liquid soap from the plastic dispenser, use the good old bar of soap. With our solid wood holder with magnet, the floating soap is always within reach.

Soap without palm oil

The first soap was invented over 6,500 years ago: It consisted of lye and oil. In the past, olive oil was used to make soap, today palm oil is mainly used because it is a very pliable and, above all, the cheapest vegetable-based oil. Unfortunately, large areas of the rainforest are being destroyed for extraction – a catastrophe for climate protection, humans and nature. If you want to protect the environment, you’d better buy palm oil-free soaps.

What You Need

  • Solid wood scraps or strips from the hardware store, approx. 3 x 2 cm and 18 cm long
  • Strong magnet, glue
  • Bottle caps, soap
  • Waterproof adhesive tape
  • Clear lacquer, brush or lacquer roller
  • Waterproof glue, masking tape
  • Hand saw with cutting box, alternatively a jigsaw
  • Sanding block with 120, 220 sandpaper

Magnets for Screwing

We still had magnets slumbering in the drawer that we glued on. But there are also magnets that can be screwed on, which can be easily attached with a rustproof screw without drying times.


Cut the holder

Miter the 18 cm long bar in two parts, so that you get one approx. 7 cm and one approx. 11 cm long piece. Then sand the surfaces and smooth the edges. Of course, you can also do without the miter and butt glue the two parts.