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Low Cost Home Stove

Save money with this homemade stove and heat an entire room in a simple way. Make your own low cost heater with a couple of pots and some candles. DIY heating!




  •  Tablecloth
  •  Heat resistant bowl
  •  Large pot
  •  Small pot
  •  Coin
  •  Rack
  •  Candles


1. Place four candles in a heat-safe holder

Place four candles in a heat-safe holder, such as a bowl.

Place a tablecloth to protect the surface.

2. Place the rack where the pots will go

When you place the grate, you must be careful so that oxygen can enter the candles.

The closer it is to the candles, the more the stove will heat.

3. Place the pots

Insert a coin to cover the hole in the pots so that the heat does not escape.
You can now place the pots and light the candles.

Wait a while for the heater to take temperature and you will see how the thermometer rises.

Ready! The cold is over 😉