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Lampshade from Wool

This small lampshade with an ombre stripe effect is made from just one ball of wool.

Lampshade made of wool

You can easily build lampshades yourself. Whether you re-stretch fabric, use cardboard or wool, you can make it as easy or complicated as you would like. This variant is child’s play, because the wool is simply stretched around the lampshade using a winding technique.

Material for the lampshade made of wool

  • Lampshade frame
  • Lamp base
  • 1 ball of wool with color gradient ( blue, blue-green)
  • LED bulb
  • Scissors

This is how you make your own lampshade out of wool

The wool I used is relatively thick. If you have very fine ones, of course you have to wrap a little longer and you may need more balls of wool. However, half a ball was enough for me. But the amount of course also depends on the diameter of your lampshade.

Tie the beginning of the ball of wool to the top of the lampshade with a knot. Then always unwind the wool tightly from top to bottom and from outside to inside. Work your way around the lampshade in one direction. Make sure that the threads are evenly spaced. You can also deliberately leave larger gaps or wrap everything very closely together. You knot the end tightly at the upper edge so that the knot is on the inside.

Tip: If the wool is very frayed, you can spray the lamp with a little hairspray and smooth it out. It is best to use LED bulbs that do not warm up for this lamp so that nothing will burn.