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Keyboard for the hallway

Keys misplaced? With our keyboard, you always have your keys at hand and you never have to call the key service again.

Many keys are lost every day. So that you don’t despair at home while searching, you should ensure a fixed place. Our keyboard with storage brings order to chaos. In addition, sunglasses, smartphones and wallets can be stored clearly.

Materials and tools for the keyboard:

  • 3 x OSB plate: 15 mm x 36 x 30 cm (have it sawn in the DIY store)
  • Screws 3.5 x 35 mm, e.g. from SPAX
  • Lens head screws and drills, plugs for wall mounting
  • 2 screw hooks 40 x 3.0 mm
  • Inch stick, pencil, wooden strip
  • Senker
  • Corner tensioners, e.g. from Wolfcraft
  • Grinding block with 120 sanding paper
  • Clear lacquer for furniture,semi-gloss, e.g. by Alpina
  • Colour tray, foam roll, roller holder
  • Force
  • Jigsaw, e.g. PST 700 ReadyToSaw from Bosch
  • Cordless impact drill with 4 mm wood drill, e.g. UniversalImpact 18 from Bosch
  • Multi-grinder with 150 and 220 sanding paper

Tip for surface design

You can also use coated wood – then the surface treatment can be dispensed with. You can also paint the triangles, picken them or paint them in a strong hue. Beautiful accents can also be set with geometric patterns.

Cutting wooden panels