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How to Make a Round Table Out of a Tire

A tire, T-shirt yarn, and methacrylate. So you can make a round table with these three materials and a little spray paint. Easy and pretty!


1. Clean the surface of the wheel

To paint the surface of your recycled tire, it is essential that you first thoroughly clean its surface with a stiff bristle brush. It is probably full of dust and even has traces of grease, so it is important that you go over all the areas well. If you don’t, the paint may not grip well on the rubber and detract from the result.


2. Paint the tire

To decorate the tire and give color to your new round table, you can use a little spray paint. It is a simple and fast way to decorate a surface that, due to its curved shape, is more tedious to do otherwise. Shake the bottle well and apply the paint a few inches from the rubber, in short strokes. Coat several times and let dry.


To make the furniture a little more special, we have combined a couple of colors, one for the outside of the tire and one for the inside, which will be visible through the methacrylate.


3. Decorate the wheel with T-shirt yarn

Make sure the paint is dry and find a ball of fabric to decorate the outside of the coffee table. Take advantage of the tire tread to fix it, inserting it through the grooves. Give the wheel several turns and secure with a few knots.

In our case, as the tire tread had three parallel grooves, we placed the fabric at three heights. Not all wheels are the same, so you will have to adapt to the tire you are working with or change the method to fix the yarn, which you can also glue with a little hot glue.

how to make a round table out of a tire

4. Put the methacrylate on top

The table is taking shape! Now you just have to put the round piece of methacrylate on its surface. For this part, you have two options. You can buy a large sheet of methacrylate and cut the piece you need with a jigsaw or buy the piece already prepared in a specialized store.

Although we did not do it, you can glue the plastic piece to the rubber with a little adhesive sealant.

how to make a round table out of a tire

Ready! The result is beautiful, the process is simple and recycled materials are used. What more could you want? Tell us in the comments what you think!