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How to Make a Pom Pom Rug

Have you ever seen a pom pom rug? We love them because they are very original, fun and totally customizable. To make one you will only need a bit of rope, pompoms and adhesive … super easy!




  •  Instant universal adhesive
  •  Rope
  •  Pompons


1. Prepare the base of your pom pom rug

This project is very simple: the process consists mainly of creating a rope base for the carpet and gluing all the pompoms on it.

For the base, what you have to do is take your rope and wind it in a spiral and on itself, applying glue to all the rope joints, so that you end up with a circular and compact base. When you have achieved the desired dimensions, cut the string and close the base with a point of glue.

2. Glue the pompoms

Second and last step! It is time to glue your pompoms on the string base. Get creative and design your rug to your liking. We decided to make our design a bit “chaotic” and multi-colored, with pompoms of different sizes. How would you do it? You can play with the pompoms and their colors however you want: write messages, make shapes, drawings … take the rope as a canvas on which to create.

Take each pom pom and apply a dot of adhesive on it. Then, go placing them one by one on the base according to the design you have in mind, until it is completely covered.

And ready! You already have your pom pom rug finished. It was easy, right? Tell us what you think in the comments section.