Garden DIY

Homemade Flower Pot with a Tire

If you have a terrace or garden at home, you will surely appreciate going out and looking at the plants and flowers that have blossomed. Here we leave you a great idea to recycle a tire, turning it into a home pot in the shape of a super pretty flower. There are no excuses to have the best garden in the world! 🙂



  •  Brush
  •  Knife
  •  Flexometer
  •  Sandpaper
  •  Pallet
  •  Marker pen
  •  keyhole saw


  •  Flowers
  •  Recycled tire
  •  Paint
  • MDF board


1. Cut the tire

Ready to create your home flower pot ? The first step you will have to do is to trace, with a marker in a visible color, the triangles around the tire, which will simulate the petals of the flower.

When you have finished drawing the silhouette, protect your hands with safety gloves and cut the tire with a cutter, following the design little by little. We recommend that you use a motorcycle tire, since the motorcycle only has a metal cord on the inside edges. You have 2 options: first remove that cord by cutting with a utility knife or, when tracing the silhouette of the flower, leave a few centimeters around the edge to avoid problems when cutting it.

2. Flip the tire

Once you have cut out the silhouette that will form the flower, remove the excess material and place the tire on the ground to be able to turn it over more easily. Help yourself with your feet and hands, always protected.

3. Create the base

In order to put the plants you want in your home flower-shaped pot , you will need to close one side of the tire. To do this, you can use a DM board. Measure the diameter of the tire with a tape measure and cut the piece, which you can put directly inside the pot. When you turn the tire over, the rubber itself will act as a stop and you will not have to insert screws to make the joint.

Once you have finished cutting the board, sand the edges well so that the finish is as perfect as possible, removing any burrs that have remained.

4. Paint the tire

Decorate! Clean the tire very well with a brush and then apply paint in the color you like best all over the surface. We have chosen white, so the flowers will stand out even more. Make sure you don’t leave any spaces unpainted.

Ready! Now you can plant your favorite flowers in this great homemade flower pot!