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Hanging Wall Macrame with Ring

I recently knotted a really nice new wall decoration. A very simple macrame that beginners can also manage and make something beautiful.

DIY wall hanging macrame with ring

This wall hanging macrame is so great for beginners without much experience because you don’t have to make that many knots. I myself am not quite familiar with knotting technology either. But this project turned out so beautiful that I can well imagine creating a few more and giving them away.

By the way, it’s also a great project for the evening on the sofa with your favorite series. A project to relax in corona times.

Material for simple macrame wall hanging with a ring

  • Ring (diameter approx. 20 cm)
  • Macrame cord (natural color and mustard yellow, approx. 3 mm thick)
  • Scissors

This is how you knot the simple macrame with ring

First you cut the cords.

You need:
12 pieces of yellow cord (120 cm long)
14 pieces of natural colored cord (120 cm long)

Now take the cords twice, hold them in the middle and tie them with a simple loop around the top of the ring. You first tie 4 natural colored cords, then 14 yellow and then 4 natural colored cords to the ring. The loop is then at the front.

Now you knot the 4 left natural colored cords and the 7 left yellow cords tightly at the lower right end of the ring. The cords are sloping slightly to the right over the tire. I tied every single cord with a simple knot (i.e. the shoelace knot without a loop) and pushed the knot to the back.

Now the 7 other yellow cords and the 4 natural-colored cords are stretched across to the left and tied at the lower edge. Here you thread the right cord through the left cord once in the middle of the tire.

Put the 1st cord on the right over all the cords on the left. The 2nd right cord is placed under the 1st left cord. The 3rd right cord is placed under the 2nd left, etc.

At the lower end of the ring there should now be a hole, as the cords are all tied diagonally from right to left below and left to right sunten. In the lower center, 7 more natural-colored, double cords are attached with loops, as in the first step.

Now the knotting is already done. If the cross is not completely in the middle, you can move the cord a little more and knot it tighter and looser at the bottom until everything is in the middle and symmetrically.

Then you can trim the ends of the cords a little. It can happen that not all cords were cut to the same length. I then cut them in pairs from the middle so that they get shorter towards the outside.

Finally, fray the ends of the cord a little, then your macrame will look even prettier.

Finished!!! And where would you hang it? I still have to find a good place. Maybe in the hallway.