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Hanging Fabric Planter

Decorate any corner of your house with a nice hanging planter.

1. Cut 8 strips of fabric

Cut 8 strips of fabric of the same length.

We have used our arm as a reference to cut the strips with the same length.

A simple knot to join all the strips. It will be more beautiful if you leave some fabric hanging.

3. Create a network of nodes

At a distance of about 2 cm from the main knot, join every two strips of fabric, leaving 4 small knots.

The next section, also about 2 cm from these knots, joins a cord from the first knot with another cord from the second knot. At the end tie a strip of your left hand with the first of your right hand. And so on.

Depending on the size of the pot, but with two or three knot sections is enough for your hanging planter.

4. Join all the strips at the top

Once the knot network is made, make another knot at the height you want, the one that will help us hang your planter from the ceiling.

5. Place your pot

Place the pot in the center of the net and you are ready to hang it from the ceiling!