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Frost Lantern with Ice Flowers

In the cold season we like to make our home cozy. However, not everyone likes classic red and green at Christmas time. This idea, on the other hand, is not only suitable for Advent, but cuts a fine figure on the windowsill or dining table all winter long.

It is not only a beautiful handicraft, but also a simple gift idea that makes an impression! You can simply use empty mason jars or jam jars for this frosty lantern.

You need this:

  • one or more clean, empty glasses
  • Ice crystal effect spray
  • Gift ribbons
  • small tree pendants
  • Painter’s tape
  • Star stencil
  • Scissors, pen
  • Hot glue gun plus glue sticks

Cut out star template

If you can draw well, paint a star on paper. Otherwise, just print out a star template and cut it out. Of course, you can take all sorts of shapes, but we recommend that you keep it simple. You have to adapt the size of the template to the glass.

Create a star template