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DIY Chair Painting with Chalk Paint

I recently turned an ugly duckling into a swan. An old IKEA chair that was misused for renovation and that somehow ended up in my attic office has been given a second life – with beautiful, matte chalk paint.

Repainting the chair with chalk paint

I believe that this chair is no longer available at IKEA. In any case, we’ve had it here for ages and it’s covered with blobs of paint and plaster. A perfect sacrifice for a new color experiment. Because it couldn’t get much worse anyway.

By the way, my color inspiration comes from my great trip to Paris.

Materials needed:

  • Chalk paint (like this one)
  • Clear matte furniture finish / top coat (like this one)
  • 2 paint rollers
  • 2 color bowls
  • 2 fine brushes
  • Tesa adhesive tape
  • Broad brush
  • Sander or sandpaper

Painting the DIY chair with chalk paint

Before I could get started, I first pinched off the thick paint and plaster stains and roughened the chair with the sander. The paint was too smooth for the paint to adhere well.
Then cleans the surface thoroughly from dust, dirt and grease stains.
Then cover the edges of the chair with the tape and press it down well.
I first painted the seat, back and back with the paint roller. The paint definitely needs a second coat. So let the first dry briefly and apply a second. The paint is then really nice and evenly dried. If you remove the tape before the paint is completely dry, you will get nicer edges. It is best to let the paint dry overnight.

In the second step, tape the seats so that you can paint the edges of the chair. I painted it pink in one layer with the lacquer roller and a fine brush. Again, pull off the tape before the paint dries. You can paint over small irregularities on the edges with a steady hand and a fine brush.
Let everything dry when you are happy with the result.

To protect the chair from scratches and to keep the color better, I opted for a matt, transparent vernis as a protective layer. The chalk paint also feels a bit rough. But I definitely wanted to keep the matt look, because it contrasts very nicely with the metal legs and the modern shape.

Apply the vernis with a wide brush and let the chair dry for 2 days to make sure the layer is color and shock resistant.

The chair makeover is done. I am super happy with the chair. He has now become a real eye-catcher here in the home office .