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Designer Lamp with Paper Cups

“Upcycling” is the name of the latest trend: You can make a modern 3D lampshade out of a simple white paper lamp and waxed paper cups. The whole thing can be implemented well with a hot glue gun.

Anyone who has ever been to a lighting store or “only” visited the hardware store lighting department knows how expensive beautiful lights are. The only thing that helps is: do it yourself! Simple balloon paper umbrellas can be found in almost every household and usually don’t look really nice after a few years anyway. Small paper cups are sometimes left over after a party or you can get them for a few bucks.

What You Need:

  • Hot glue gun and matching transparent glue sticks
  • round paper lampshade Ø 30.5 cm
  • 180 x 30 ml paper cups (not drinking cups), waxed

Glue on the first row of cups

Assemble the lampshade according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Set the hot glue gun on the lowest setting and apply the glue to the edge of the bottom of a paper cup. Press the paper cup against the lampshade so that the edge lies against the lower edge.

Use the hot glue gun to apply glue to other paper cups and join them at the bottom of the lamp to form the first circle by sticking them right next to each other. The opening of this lampshade is seven centimeters, and the first circle consists of nine paper cups.

Continue the cup circles

Now use the hot glue gun to glue the paper cups for the next rows offset to the cups from the previous row.

Complete the luminaire