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Bundt Concrete Candle Holder

Do you need beautiful table decorations for the garden table or the windowsill? The sweet Bundt concrete candle holders can even be converted into an Advent wreath during Advent.

What You Need

  • Cement or concrete (like this one)
  • Bundt silicone molds (like this one)
  • Colorful candles (like these)
  • Modeling clay (like this one)
  • Vessel for mixing the concrete
  • Stirring stick
  • Water

Step by Step Instructions

First compare the diameter of your candle with the center piece of the bundt mold. It may be a little too small that the candle won’t fit there later.

Then simply roll out a small piece of modeling clay and put a layer around the middle part of the Bundt mold. Try to spread the modeling clay thin and smooth.

It is important for this project that the concrete can be poured nicely into the molds. It shouldn’t be too rich in water, but rather similar to toothpaste. Follow the instructions on the packaging.

Then pour the concrete into the Bundt mold. Gently tap the mold a few more times on the table so that air bubbles escape and then let everything dry overnight.

Then you can simply remove the concrete from the mold.