Garden DIY

Building a Quick Mini Greenhouse

Freshly sown plants need special protection. But it doesn’t always have to be a purchased propagation box. You can build your own little mini greenhouse with very simple means.


Plastic film over the sowing prevents the soil from drying out too quickly and at the same time ensures that the humidity remains constant.

What You Need

  • Plastic or chipboard fruit crate (e.g. from your greengrocer)
  • Mesh or rabbit wire from garden supplies
  • Plastic wrap
  • Transparent adhesive tape – Tesa Extra Power, for example, is well suited because it is water and weather resistant.

A roof made of wire


Curve the wire slightly and cut it with wire scissors. Use the external dimensions of the fruit crate as a guide for the size. Then you put tape on the piece of wire so that the adhesive side faces in.

Attach plastic wrap


Finally, you put the plastic film, also cut to size, from the outside onto the wire or adhesive tape and press it firmly on. Then you can put the plants sown in small pots or bowls in the box and protect them with the plastic roof.