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Build Your Own Brass Hanging Basket

The idea of ​​the geometric plant hangers originated in Finland. Traditional decoration used to be made from wheat or rye straw. A “Himmeli” hung up at Christmas symbolized a piece of heaven and should bring good luck for the next grain harvest. Newly interpreted with brass tubes, the geometric shapes become an eye-catcher.

These plants are ideal

The hanging baskets can be adorned with feathers or decorated with plants. So-called air plants, the tillandsias, are best suited for this. This type of succulent does not need soil to survive. The roots only serve as a fastening – the plants absorb water through the leaves. It is therefore sufficient if they are sprayed from time to time.

You need this:

  • Brass pipes, diameter 4 – 6 mm (4 mm for us) from alfer
  • golden wire: thickness, 0.5 mm, alternative: floral wire
  • Cord for hanging
  • Ceiling hook
  • Folding rule, pencil
  • Iron saw and cutting box or pipe cutter
  • Diagonal cutters or old scissors

Determine dimensions

If you are unsure about the shape and size, first assemble the mobile from straws or kebab skewers. It’s faster, cheaper and you can adjust the dimensions to your taste. You can then spray them in gold or a different color.

Cut pipes

For our double version (but they also look great individually!) You need tubes in the following lengths:
Large: 4 long tubes of 30 cm and 8 short tubes of 15 cm
Small: 4 long tubes of 14 and 8 short tubes of 7 cm
Draw the dimensions on the pipes and cut them to size.
Tip: You can use a sawn tube as a measure. Then you don’t have to measure again and again.