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Build a Leather Loop Coat Rack Yourself

Whether in the hallway or in the bedroom: this space-saving coat rack made of stylish leather loops is easy to make yourself.

Regardless of whether it is on a cool metal plate or directly on the wall – the leather loop cloakroom can be easily attached with a round adhesive screw without drilling holes.

What you need for the cloakroom:

  • Approx. 2 mm thick leather scraps in black and brown
  • Cutting mat
  • Steel angle, pencil
  • Cutter
  • Punch pliers
  • 4 x round adhesive screws (2.5 kg) from tesa
  • 4 x matching cap nuts (M4)

Cut leather

First cut four strips of 3 cm wide and 50 cm long from the leather with the cutter and the steel angle.

Punch holes

Then punch a hole at both ends with the punch pliers, approx. 2 cm from the edge.

Mount loops

Mark the spot on the wall where you want the loop to hang. For each leather loop, attach an adhesive screw to the wall according to the instructions on the packaging. Let dry overnight. The next day you equip the adhesive screws with the metal covers and fix them with the screw nuts. Then you double the leather strips (the right side points outwards), place them on the adhesive screws and fasten them with the cap nuts.