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Bathroom Accessories to Stick On

In both small and large bathrooms, practical storage space is unfortunately often rare in the required places. Those who do not want to or are not allowed to drill are well advised to use special bathroom accessories for gluing!

In addition to wet towels and washcloths, bathrobes, shampoo and shower gel need suitable storage options. Holders and baskets that are mounted directly on the wall are therefore space-saving and practical. These bathroom accessories are easy to assemble and can be removed without leaving any residue if necessary.

Drilling tiles in rental apartments

Landlords don’t like to see tiles being drilled. Especially if he himself has apparently provided enough equipment such as towel rails, shower rails, toilet paper holders and mirrors with shelves. There is also the risk that tiles could crack when drilling. That looks ugly and then you have to swap the tile . Need more hooks? Then you better play it safe and attach your bathroom accessories without drilling.

Clean the surface

The surface must be free of dust, grease, lime and cleaning agents. It is best to clean the surface with a clean, soft cloth and alcohol or silicone-free glass cleaner. Do not use bathroom cleaners, as these contain non-stick substances and thus impair the adhesive effect. Then wipe with the enclosed cleaning cloth.

Fasten the adapter ring