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Asian Style Lamp

This Asian-style lamp enchants with its warm light and flexible location. On the table, next to the bed or on a small shelf – it can be placed almost anywhere and creates a cozy atmosphere.

This beautiful table lamp with an Asian look can be made from threaded rods, parchment paper and poplar plywood. The more parchment paper you use, the softer the lighting will be.

Materials & tools

  • 2 panels made of poplar plywood, 5 mm thick, 20 x 22 cm
  • 4 threaded rods, 4 mm diameter, each 20 cm length
  • 16 nuts M4
  • 16 cap nuts M4
  • 12 washers
  • E14 lamp holder with fastening screws
  • Cable with switch and plug
  • Energy-saving lamp, e.g. Eco Classic 50 or Softone from Philips
  • 25 sheets of parchment paper (A4)
  • Jigsaw, hacksaw
  • Cordless drill with Forstner bit, 25 mm
  • Sanding block with 150 grit sandpaper
  • Combination wrench, 4 mm
  • Ruler, scalpel, scissors, hole punch, Phillips screwdriver

Saw panels

Cut two square panels measuring 22 x 22 centimeters from 5 millimeter thick poplar plywood using a jig saw . Then drill four holes per panel in the corners of the panels. A diameter of four millimeters per hole is sufficient. The distance between the holes and the edge is 1.7 centimeters. Sand the panels by hand on both sides.

Mount the socket

The lamp socket is now mounted on the base plate. To do this, drill a 25 millimeter hole in the middle of the base plate with the Forstner bit. The lamp socket is inserted through this and fixed with screws from the lower side. Since the base plate will later stand on nuts and cap nuts, the cable has enough leeway.

Cut the threaded rods to length