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Apples Turned into Candles

Yes Yes. You read well. Any apple can be turned into a beautiful candle holder. Your friends are not going to believe it.



  •  Brush
  •  White glue
  •  Cutter
  •  Marker pen


  •  Sugar
  •  Bowl
  •  Apple
  •  Purpurin
  •  Candle

1. Mark the diameter of the candle

On the apple mark the diameter of the candle with the marker.

2. Cut the gap of the candle

With the utility knife, cut the piece of apple where the candle will be housed.

3. Glue the apple

Use the brush to spread the white glue over the top of the apple (where it has the hole for the candle).

Move the brush up and down so that the glue falls more unevenly on the apple.

4. Decorate the apple

In the part of the tail sprinkle the sugar or glitter.

The sugar is used to give the top of the apple a frosted appearance.

5. Put the candle on the apple

With the utility knife, make a cut on the metal shell of the candle to make it more beautiful.

Then press the candle over the hole you cut in the apple.